An exploration of the motivations and methods behind China’s growth and control over fishing across most of the high seas....
Produced & Edited By: Ben Blankenship
Co-Producer: Raphaela Morais, Adrienne Urbina
Motion Graphics: Drew Evans
Archivists/Researchers: Chloe Darnaud, Sonia Szczesna"
Written by: Ian Urbina & Ben Blankenship
Narrator: Ian Urbina
Videographer: Ben Blankenship James Glancy Youenn Kerdavid Will Miller Ed Ou
Additional Footage Provided Courtesy of: GreenPeace International Environmental, Justice Foundation, ABC News Australia, CICC, CGTN, Natural History New Zealand, Limited Kinolibrary, Bloomberg Originals, U.S. Navy, COSCO, Shipping Puerto de Chancay Prefectura Naval Argentina, Center for Strategic & International Studies, British Pathé
Den tragiska berättelsen om en indonesisk sjöman och hans brutala resa ombord ett kinesiskt bläckfiskfartyg....
Directed by: Ben Blankenship, Ian Urbina
Narration: Ian Urbina
Edit: Ben Blankenship
Photo: Will N. Miller, Ed Ou, Ben Blankenship, Sikhami Denting
Motion Graphics: Drew Evans
Researchers: Ian Urbina, Joe Galvin, Susan Ryan, Daniel Murphy, Austin Brush, maya Martin, Jake Conley, Stephan Foxwell, marcella Boehler, Halie Brown, Molly Wiggins, Ben Blankenship, Raphaela Morais, Adrienne Urbina
Den kinesiska fiskeflottan är en stormakt på havet. De fiskar långt ut till havs där inga länders lagar når och fiskar upp mer än någon...
Text: Ian Urbina/The Outlaw Ocean Project
Photo/Video: Ferdi Arnando, Ed Ou, Ben Blankenship, Jiebriel83, Jessica Reyes, Douyin, Desta Motor 143
An exploration of the motivations and methods behind China's growth and control overfishing across most of the high seas....
Written by: Ian Urbina, Ben Blankenship
Narrated by: Ian Urbina
Videographers: Ben Blankenship, James Glancy, Youenn Kerdavid
Produced & Edited by: Ben Blankenship
Co-Producers: Raphaela Morais, Adrienne Urbina
Motion Grephics: Drew Evans
Archivists/Researchers: Chloe Darnaus, Sonia Szczesna
Additional Footage provided courtesy of: GreenPeace International, Environmental Justice Foundation, ABC News Australia, CICC, CGTN, Natural History New Zealand Limited, Kinolibrary, Bloomberg originals, U.S. Navy, COSCO Shipping, Puerto de Chancay, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Center for Strategic & International Studies, British Pathé
Maybe an odd job even for the accomplished South African free diver Nick Filmalter, but he became an essential part of ensuring the safety of...
Editor: Ida Candert
Videographer: Johan Candert
Underwater photography: Johan Candert, Göran Ehlmé, Jason Boswell
The disappearance of Great White Sharks from False Bay, South Africa, attributed to various factors including predation by orcas, human activities such as longlining fishing...
Reportage: Jason Boswell
There are more than 400 species of fish being farmed globally. Most of them spend their entire lives in barren conditions. It’s a lifelong suffering....
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Across the world scientists and biologists are studying a huge variety of dedicated and intricate subjects: jellyfish proteins; fish intelligence and whether octopus dream. On...
Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photography: Jason Boswell
UW-Photography: Jason Boswell, Grant Brokensha
I was really happy with my task, staying on the surface. I truly wanted to snorkel with dolphins, but the sharks made me hesitate. Finally,...
Reportage: Ida Candert
Photography: Ida Candert, Joel Candert, Johan Candert, Nick Filmalter
Edit by: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
In southern Portugal, a group of passionate divers has deliberately sunk four large marine vessels, not only to enhance the diving experience but also to...
Reportage: Johan Candert
UW-Photo: Johan Candert
He has been seen in several places along the Swedish coast in recent days, but suddenly the alleged spy whale Hvaldimir appeard in the middle...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Editing: Apollonia Meleouni
Photo: Tobias Dahlin
The narwhal is a relatively small arctic toothed whale (4 - 5 meters). It is shy and typically lives in the drift ice around the...
Reportage: Lars Öivind Knutsen 
Photography: Lars Öivind Knutsen, Roberto Lo Monaco, Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Göran Ehlmé
On December 14th, 1991, the passenger ship Salem Express sank when a storm hit the Red Sea. The shipwreck was a human tragedy. Among the...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Foto: Johan Candert
Foto: Göran Ehlmé
The 11th of February is the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science....
Reportage: Kajsa Grandell
Photography: Simon Stanford
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