Fish behavior, toxic algae, and the role of the sea in climate. These are some of the topics that marine research can address. Diverse subjects,...
Text: Lina mattsson
Foto: Hans Berggren, Kimmo Hagman, Johan Candert, Simon Stanford
The ocean is exposed to so many threats - but we must not give up hope for the future, says oceanographer Helen Czerski. By spreading...
Reportage: Peter Löfgren
Editing: Helena Fredriksson
Photo: Leif Eiransson
Supplementary photo: Kimmo Hagman, Johan Candert, Göran Ehlmé, Alexandre Gobatti Ramos, Erik Saanila, Adam Nilsson
Music: Peter Adolfsson
All citizens want fish-rich, healthy seas. The EU is governed democratically. So why are the EU's seas fished out and on the brink of ecological...
Director: Peter Löfgren
Editor: Helena Fredriksson
Cinematographer: Leif Eiransson
Meet Sylvia Earle, a pioneering oceanographer and unwavering advocate for marine conservation. Her lifelong commitment to exploring and protecting the wonders of the sea serves...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Photo: Simon Stanford, Johan Candert
Many of us love the sea, the beach, the water, and swimming in the waves, but there are those who care a little more than...
Reportage: Alexandre Ramos Gobatti
Photo: Simon Stanford
Graphics: Daniel Hager
The small but spectacularly beautiful comb jelly Mnemiopsis leydyi, can reproduce at a dismaying speed, and copes with warm and cold water and even different...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Photo: Tobias Dahlin
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