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About Deep Sea Reporter

Deep Sea Reporter is a nonprofit entity that is financed in its entirety by the Swedish foundation Voice of the Ocean whose mission is to inspire and increase knowledge about the ocean.

We are based in Sweden but with a global reach we create impactful reportage and articles.

Through journalistic research, interviews and filming globally both above and below the surface, we connect science, policymakers and the public with the ocean.

Our working principles

Objectivity is the foundation of serious journalism. But according to the rules that apply to public service broadcasters we should support democracy and oppose dictatorship. This translates into being subjective in our defence of human rights. Healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are essential for the fulfilment of multiple human rights, for example, the right to life, to health and to freshwater.

A healthy ocean is an essential human right. We consequently defend life beneath the surface in all that we publish.

Deep Sea Reporters material may never be used to serve a commercial purpose, e.g. to sell a product or service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, such as ideas and suggestions.

Editorial email
E-mail: info@deepseareporter.se

Lena Scherman

Editor in chief

Lena has been affiliated with SVT, Sweden’s Public Service broadcaster for more than 20 years. She has produced both long form documentaries and news reportage and has reported from over 60 countries.

 Since 2011 she has been a driving force behind one of SVT’s premium current affairs programmes, Korrespondenterna (Correspondents) where she worked as producer/reporter and host. Among the many topics she has covered are coral death in the Philippines, the crisis experienced by local fishermen in the depleted waters off the coast of Tanzania and seal hunting in Greenland.

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Daniel Hager


Daniel Hager has more than 20 years of experience as a producer and director. Like several others at Deep Sea, he has worked both at SVT and with many other international film projects and collaborations.

He is also a behavioral scientist, which has meant that many of the subjects he has focused on are about man’s interaction with his environment. He also keeps an extra eye on which messages actually get through and makes the recipient reflect on the impact he or she has on their environment.

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Lina Mattsson


Lina has a PhD in ecology and a degree in journalism. She has recently worked for SVT (Swedish Television) science. 

As a researcher Lina worked with recovery of industrial waste, using microalgae from the Baltic Sea, to find solutions to reduce the impact of eutrophication. During her years in research she felt that research findings were not communicated enough to society. After finishing her PhD she therefore decided to become a science journalist to work on informing the general public on issues related to the marine environment. Today Lina works full time as a reporter at Deep Sea Productions.

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Simon Stanford

Reporter and photographer

Simon has over a long career filmed and produced news reports, documentaries and films from virtually every corner of the world.

He began his career filming and reporting for International broadcasters on the turbulent conflicts on his home continent, Africa. He has during a career that has spanned nearly 40 years filmed and produced reports, documentaries and nature series for many of the world’s major broadcasters. Simon’s work has allowed him to develop and express his passion for nature. Since 2012 he has in addition to his documentary film work been leading expeditions to many of Africa’s wild places.

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Johan Candert

Reporter and photographer

Johan is a veteran documentary film producer/director who began his career as an underwater photographer.

He has produced more than 20 full length documentaries and series for SVT (Swedish Television). He pioneered technical deep sea diving in Scandinavia and felt compelled to have a camera with him to document a world to which few other divers had access. This experience developed his passion not only for the language of pictures but also for the art of storytelling. Johan has a masters degree in documentary filmmaking from Stockholm University of the arts.

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Alexandre Gobatti

Photographer and editor

Alexandre Gobatti Ramos is a Brazilian editor who joined our team in 2020. In his home city, São Paulo, he developed a passion for photography and visual arts which led him to Sweden where he decided to become a documentary filmmaker.

After 2 years of studying documentary filmmaking he received his diploma and started as a freelancer. Alexandre has also produced his own documentary in Masaka, Uganda as a part of his education. The film is about local artists working with environmentally friendly fabrics. He now works full-time at Deep Sea Productions where he principally works as an editor but also as a camera assistant.

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Peter Löfgren


Peter started his career as the Swedish Television correspondent in the former Soviet Union and in the Middle East before becoming an award winning documentary film producer.

Peter has documented the environmental changes in the coastal region where he has his roots. He has witnessed first hand how the sea has become sicker and how fish stocks have plummeted. Peter now divides his time between producing documentary films and writing columns. 

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Leif Eiranson


Leif has been active as a film photographer since 1988. He was employed at various production companies between 1988-1998 and has since then been a freelancing film photographer.

Leif has worked with a wide range of different productions. For the past 10 years, the work has mostly been focused on productions for various TV channels both in Sweden and abroad. Many of these productions has a focus on nature and the environment.

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