Sharks are found in all oceans on the globe and belong to one of the oldest animals. As a species, it has been traced back 420 million years. They thus survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
There are small sharks that are only about 20 centimeters long up to giants such as whale sharks that can grow up to 18 meters. Most are peaceful. Only four of the world’s 400 shark species are known to have attacked humans.
Every year at least 100 million sharks are killed in the shark fin fishery.
Under the theme: Sharks, we have collected all the reports we made where sharks are included.

Maybe an odd job even for the accomplished South African free diver Nick Filmalter, but he became an essential part of ensuring the safety of...
Editor: Ida Candert
Videographer: Johan Candert
Underwater photography: Johan Candert, Göran Ehlmé, Jason Boswell
South Africa has an incredibly rich diversity of sharks, representing nearly a quarter of all known species, some found nowhere else on the planet....
Reportage: Jason Boswell
BRUV-Footage: Cape RADD
Indeed, we do have sharks in Sweden. Perhaps up to 17 different species! Some are, of course, very rare visitors to Swedish waters, while others...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Photography: Johan Candert
UW-Photography: Göran Ehlmé, Tobias Dahlin
Sharks and rays have long been considered "silent" fish - that is, unable to produce sound. Researchers from Sweden and Australia have now shown that...
Text: TT
Photo: Brian Bransch Price/AP/TT, Philip Christoff
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