"Hammerhead Shark Daycare" found in Galápagos

03 May, 2024

GREENPEACE Several offspring of the endangered hammerhead shark species have been found by researchers on an expedition in the Galápagos Marine Reserve.

Photo: Greenpeace

Researchers on a Greenpeace expedition have found what is believed to be the first “hammerhead shark daycare” in the Galápagos Marine Reserve.

Several hammerhead shark pups have been observed for some time at the so-called “daycare,” the place believed to be chosen by the sharks as sufficiently safe to gather their young so they can grow and develop in peace. The Galápagos Marine Reserve is known to have large aggregations of scalloped hammerhead sharks. However, the smooth hammerhead shark, with a smoother face, is very rare and vulnerable as it is a declining species.

Now, researchers have managed to tag an almost adult female smooth hammerhead shark with tracking equipment, something that has never been done in the region before. With the tagging, researchers can now track the shark if she leaves the marine reserve, something important for continued protection of sharks in the future.

Text: Linnea Gustafsson/TT
Photo: Greenpeace
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