Underwater Lifeguard!

08 May, 2024

Maybe an odd job even for the accomplished South African free diver Nick Filmalter, but he became an essential part of ensuring the safety of our divers during the shooting of a documentary about the Sardine Run, in South Africa. He was the guy chasing away the sharks which became more interested in the crew than the sardines!

The Bronze Whalers:
Bronze whaler sharks, scientifically known as Carcharhinus brachyurus, are a species of requiem shark found in coastal waters around the world. They typically inhabit temperate and subtropical oceans, often frequenting areas close to shore. These sharks are known for their bronze-colored dorsal side, which gives them their common name. Bronze whalers are primarily piscivorous, feeding on a variety of fish species

The Sardine Run:
The sardine run is a spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs annually along the east coast of South Africa. It involves the migration of billions of sardines (specifically the Southern African pilchard, Sardinops sagax) northward along the coast. This mass migration is triggered by the cooling of water temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months. The sardine run is a feeding frenzy of epic proportions, attracting a wide array of predators such as dolphins, sharks, whales, and seabirds. It’s considered one of the greatest marine spectacles on Earth and is a boon to both marine life and local economies, as it draws tourists, photographers, and filmmakers from around the world eager to witness and capture this breathtaking event.

Editor: Ida Candert
Videographer: Johan Candert
Underwater photography: Johan Candert, Göran Ehlmé, Jason Boswell

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