Sardine Fever

07 September, 2023

It’s one of the planet’s largest biomass aggregations…an annual migration of sardines up the coast of South Africa. Millions, if not billions, of small fish migrate up the east coast pursued by sharks, whales and dolphins. And at the very end of this chase – humans. 

For over 150 years teams of beach-seine netters have eagerly awaited the final leg of the Sardine Run, this is an inside look at a unique fishery from the eyes of the netters.

Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photos: Legends of the Tide: The Seine-netters & The Roots of the Durban Fishing Industry by Neelan Govender and Viroshen Chetty

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The Migration of mega shoals of sardine up the east coast of South Africa has been called the greatest shoal on earth. The wild coast on the east coast of…
Text: Simon Stanford
The play unfolds right in front of my camera – my breathing rate is high. Nick and Kimmo are with me. We spread out so as not to ruin each other’s shots. Nick was supposed to be our “safety diver,” but we don’t have time for that now. He has to film too. When the opportunity arises, we must seize it!…
Text: Johan Candert
Photography: Johan Candert, Kimmo Hagman, Nick Filmalter
In the midst of the chaos of sardines, dolphins, birds and sharks there appeared a lonesome Humpback whale. She seemed not to be concerned with the frenzy which ensued around her but rather quite intrigued by the shoal of sardines which seeked refuse under her enormous shadow. …
Text: Nick Filmalter
Photo: Nick Filmalter, Kimmo Hagman
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