It’s one of the planet’s largest biomass aggregations…an annual migration of sardines up the coast of South Africa. Millions, if not billions, of small fish...
Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photos: Legends of the Tide: The Seine-netters & The Roots of the Durban Fishing Industry by Neelan Govender and Viroshen Chetty
The narwhal is a relatively small arctic toothed whale (4 - 5 meters). It is shy and typically lives in the drift ice around the...
Reportage: Lars Öivind Knutsen 
Photography: Lars Öivind Knutsen, Roberto Lo Monaco, Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Göran Ehlmé
On December 14th, 1991, the passenger ship Salem Express sank when a storm hit the Red Sea. The shipwreck was a human tragedy. Among the...
Reportage: Daniel Hager
Foto: Johan Candert
Foto: Göran Ehlmé
More than a thousand sea cows have died in Florida this year, many of them starving to death due to environmental degradation. Now a previously...
Text: Sofia Eriksson/TT
Photo: John Raoux/AP/TT, Greg Lovett/The Palm Beach Post/AP/TT
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