Where are the white sharks?

08 March, 2024

The disappearance of Great White Sharks from False Bay, South Africa, attributed to various factors including predation by orcas, human activities such as longlining fishing targeting their prey, and the resulting decline in the shark population. The Shark Spotters team, responsible for monitoring the bay’s waters, confirms the absence of Great Whites since 2019 and points to orcas as a contributing factor.

However, some experts, argue that human activities, such as shark fisheries, have played a significant role in the decline. The economic impact of the disappearance, with cage diving tourism shifting to focus on Bronze Whalers. Recent sightings of White Sharks in False Bay provide some hope, but the long-term impact on the marine ecosystem remains uncertain. The absence of Great Whites has led to changes in the ecosystem, prompting concerns about the ecosystem’s stability and the potential for the sharks’ return.

Reportage: Jason Boswell

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