My First Dive with Whales

04 August, 2023

I was really happy with my task, staying on the surface. I truly wanted to snorkel with dolphins, but the sharks made me hesitate. Finally, Joel convinced me to join him. It was so cool to see everything from below, and I finally got to snorkel with dolphins! But it was the whales that made this day unforgettable.

On the way back, we came across some humpback whales. They swam around our boat and seemed to be ‘hanging out’ with us. Joel encouraged us to snorkel with the whales. I was too scared to try again. But when Joel resurfaced, so excited, I regretted my decision. Luckily, we got another chance, and I didn’t miss it. We jumped in after the whales, but they were too fast and swam away from us. However, like magic, the whales turned back and swam between me, Joel, and Nick, who were a bit ahead. I got a really close look, literally. They were even bigger up close, but they felt so gentle. The whole experience was a shock for me, but definitely something I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Reportage: Ida Candert
Photography: Ida Candert, Joel Candert, Johan Candert, Nick Filmalter
Edit by: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos

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