coral reefs

They have been blown up in nuclear tests and poisoned when people fished with cyanide. However, the absolute biggest threat to the future of coral...
Text: Sofia Eriksson/TT
Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT, Jim Maragos/AP/TT, Andrew Ibarra/NOAA/TT, David Wood/TT, Adam Ihse/TT
Graphics: Anders Humlebo/TT
Meet Dr. Tessa Hempson, a coral scientist dedicated to exploring and preserving the coral reefs. Tessa strives to raise awareness about marine conservation, emphasizing collective...
reportage/foto: Simon Stanford
Photo: Simon Stanford, Göran Ehlmé, Lars-Öivind Knutsen
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
Across the world scientists and biologists are studying a huge variety of dedicated and intricate subjects: jellyfish proteins; fish intelligence and whether octopus dream. On...
Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photography: Jason Boswell
UW-Photography: Jason Boswell, Grant Brokensha
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