To Be A Naturalist

17 August, 2023

Across the world scientists and biologists are studying a huge variety of dedicated and intricate subjects: jellyfish proteins; fish intelligence and whether octopus dream. On the other side of the coin are the naturalists…laypeople who aren’t specifically trained but spend a huge amount of time in nature and this time affords them the privilege to see how all these subjects interact. Neville Ayliffe is a naturalist from Sodwana Bay in South Africa and he explains how naturalists and scientists differ, and more importantly, how they benefit from each other…

Reportage: Jason Boswell
Photography: Jason Boswell
UW-Photography: Jason Boswell, Grant Brokensha

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Reportage: Jason Boswell
UW-photography: Jason Boswell, Grant Brokensha
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Reportage: Jason Boswell
BRUV-Footage: Cape RADD
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Reportage: Ida Candert
Photography: Ida Candert, Joel Candert, Johan Candert, Nick Filmalter
Edit by: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
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