china fishing fleet

An exploration of the motivations and methods behind China’s growth and control over fishing across most of the high seas....
Produced & Edited By: Ben Blankenship
Co-Producer: Raphaela Morais, Adrienne Urbina
Motion Graphics: Drew Evans
Archivists/Researchers: Chloe Darnaud, Sonia Szczesna"
Written by: Ian Urbina & Ben Blankenship
Narrator: Ian Urbina
Videographer: Ben Blankenship James Glancy Youenn Kerdavid Will Miller Ed Ou
Additional Footage Provided Courtesy of: GreenPeace International Environmental, Justice Foundation, ABC News Australia, CICC, CGTN, Natural History New Zealand, Limited Kinolibrary, Bloomberg Originals, U.S. Navy, COSCO, Shipping Puerto de Chancay Prefectura Naval Argentina, Center for Strategic & International Studies, British Pathé
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