warmer sea

The sea gets warmer – the species die.

It’s not just coral reefs and fish that are threatened as the oceans warm – it’s all life.

Not since an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs – along with at least half of all other creatures on Earth – has marine life been so vulnerable.

As the oceans get warmer, all habitats are threatened. There are species that do better than others, but all are affected. Biodiversity, the diversity of species, is threatened which in turn will affect us all.

Warmer seawater combined with acidification could pose a major threat to ocean sharks. Their eggs develop much more poorly, leading to the death of the...
Text: Roland Johansson/TT
Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT, Noémie Coulon/TT
The world's coral reefs are in trouble. As the oceans get warmer, corals are stressed and eventually die. Coral scientist Tessa Hempson calls corals the...
Reportage: Johan Candert
Photo: Johan Candert, Göran Ehlmé, Leif Eiranson
Healthy habitats with a diversity of species are important, not least for us to cope with a rapidly changing climate. We have been to the...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Photography: Kimmo Hagman
Editor: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
The Baltic Sea is becoming a hot water bath. It affects the fish more than we might understand. It is a slow process that can...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Photo:Elin Jenjila Franzén, Alexandre Gobatti
UW-Photo: Kimmo Hagman, Robert Westerberg
Drone:Robert Westerberg
Editing: Apollonia Meleouni
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