Seal hunting part 9 - Three questions for Tero Härkönen

27 February, 2024

We asked Tero Härkönen, a seal researcher since the 1970s, three questions.

  • Is it the seal’s fault that the fish disappear?
  • Is the seal doing something wrong?
  • How important is the seal to the ecosystem?
reportage: Lena Scherman
Redigering/foto: Alexandre Gobatti

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When the seal population had collapsed around 1980 and was almost completely extinct, the authorities put an end to all hunting. Seal protection areas were established, and all three species found along our coasts were protected. At the same time, we received EU directives to reduce emissions of DDT and PCBs. It led to the recovery of all three seal tribes….
Reporter: Lena Scherman
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti/Daniel Hager
Graphics: Daniel Hager
Sweden, Finland, and Norway conduct hunting for seals as trophy hunting. In most other countries, hunting of large marine mammals has been prohibited. In the USA, they have even banned the import of fish from countries that kill marine mammals to protect their fishing industry. Sweden doesn’t have much fish to export, so that import ban is unlikely to affect us significantly. However, we hunt a large marine mammal – and that is unique….
Reportage: Daniel Hager/Lena Scherman/Alexandre Gobatti
Seal populations rebound after hunting ban and environmental efforts, sparking debate between conservation needs and the impact on fishing. Dive into the story….
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti
Photo: Kimmo Hagman, Johan Candert, Leif Eiransson, Simon Stanford, Anders Kronborg, Lunds Universitet
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