Farmed salmon die of heart disease - Ida Beitnes is investigating why

11 May, 2023

Ida Beitnes is a Associate Professor at the NMBU. Ida has earlier studied stress as an important contributor to the development of cardiac disease in salmonids. She has also been involved in several projects ranging from depression-like syndromes in Atlantic salmon to anoxia-tolerance in crucian carp and metabolic dysfunction in heart failure.

The salmonid heart is an extraordinarily plastic organ, well known for its ability to change (i.e. remodel) and grow in response to physiologic stimulation. Now her research focuses on factors that stimulate adaptive (i.e. beneficial) and maladaptive (i.e. pathological) remodeling of the salmonid heart, with a particular focus on pathological remodeling and heart disease in farmed Atlantic salmon. 

Reportage: Johan Candert
Photo: Simon Stanford
Edit by: Daniel Hager

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Photo: Simon Stanford
Editing: Daniel Hager
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