100 million environmental trees in Mozambique

22 March, 2022

Mozambique plans to plant 100 million trees along its coast. The country in south-east Africa is hit hard by both tropical storms and rising water levels.

The environmental impact is particularly severe on the ecologically sensitive mangrove swamps, which are also cut down and used for firewood. Mozambique has 250 miles of coastline.

The announcement of the tree planting comes from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Planting will take place over a 30-year period, mainly in the provinces of Sofala and Zambézia.

Satellite technology will be used to find the right areas for planting, the ministry says.

Flooding in Mozambique
Tropical storms and floods hit Mozambique. Photo: Odd Andersen/Pool via AP/TT
Text: TT
Photo: Odd Andersen/Pool via AP/TT
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