The Swedish government opens up to more eel fishing

03 January, 2024

The Swedish government is open to allowing limited small-scale eel fishing. It may also be possible to transfer eel fishing permits to the next generation, according to the regulatory letter to the Swedish Sea and Water Authority.

New eel fishing permits have not been granted since 2015 because the stock is threatened. Archive image. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

It is currently forbidden to fish for eels in Sweden, except for those who already hold a fishing permit. The European eel in question is classified as critically endangered.

The Swedish Sea and Water Authority made a decision to stop all new permits in 2015 until there is definite evidence that the stock has recovered.

In the regulation letter for 2024, the authority must now revise the Swedish eel management plan. The audit must report on the possibilities for limited small-scale eel fishing, the assignment must be reported in August 2025.

They must also investigate the possibilities of allowing generational change of eel fishing permits, something that Altinget was the first to report on. This is an issue that has been pursued by the Moderate party (M) in Skåne for a long time and by a couple of members from the Center Party (C) and the Sweden Democrats (Sd).

The Nature Conservation Association believes that all targeted fishing for eels in Sweden and the EU must be stopped if the species is not to disappear completely from the seas.

text: TT Nyhetsbyrån
Photo: Emil Langvad/TT
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