Soon you can brush your teeth with algae

18 November, 2021

In 2014, the Seafarm project was started on the West Coast. The goal was to see if you can grow algae at sea in Sweden. It turned out that things are going really well, and now the researchers are investigating what you can use these algae for. Fredrik Gröndahl, who is the research leader for the project, believes that algae will in the near future be a natural part of our everyday lives. We will find it in our concrete, clothes – and even in our bathrooms.

Reportage: Fanny Jönsson
Photo: Anders Kronborg
UV photo: Kimmo Hagman, Göran Ehlmé and Johan Candert
Editor: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos

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Photo: Leif Eiranson
UV Photo: Johan Candert, Robert Westerberg and Kimmo Hagman
Editor: Alexandre Gobatti
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