Red Light for the Baltic herring? Old news!

05 October, 2023

The New Economics Foundation think tank was able to show in a report already in 2019 that EU countries took 300,000 tons more fish into the sea than the researchers in ICES recommended.

It turned out that Sweden was the worst in the class. We exceeded ICES advice by 52 percent, and most of that was about overfishing herring. Now WWF has put a red light on the Baltic herring and the EU Commission has proposed a total fishing stop on the fish.

And we went back into our archives to look at what the scientists and fishermen have said about the Baltic herring over the years. And the warnings have been there all along.

reportage: Daniel Hager, Alexandre Gobatti, Lena Scherman

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Reportage: Peter Löfgren, Daniel Hedström
Photo: Leif Eiranson, Kimmo Hagman
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Graphics: Johan Hallnäs/TT
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Text: TT/Nyhetsbyrån
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