Norweigian exports plummet as salmon exports loses billions

04 July, 2024

Seafood exports from Norway plummeted by a record amount, down by more than NOK 2 billion to NOK 12.1 billion in June, according to monthly figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council. Problems with salmon farms are behind the setback.

The Norwegian Seafood Council cites “biological challenges” that have reduced the volume of production, with a larger share going to export as salmon fillets.

Norway is currently the world leader in salmon farming, accounting for more than half of global farmed salmon production. In addition, seafood exports are Norway’s largest export sector after gas and oil.

In June, the volume of salmon exports amounted to 93,400 tonnes, which is 4% less than the corresponding month last year.

Text: TT/News Agency
Photo: Gorm kallestad/NTB/TT

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