Iceland's Hunt for Whales Continues

12 June, 2024

The Icelandic government gives the go-ahead for whaling this year.

The country’s only remaining whaling company, Hvalur, will be allowed to kill a total of 128 fin whales during this year’s summer season, according to an announcement by the Icelandic government through the responsible minister Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir.

This is slightly fewer whales than were allowed during last year’s whaling season. However, last year’s season was temporarily suspended after shortcomings in the industry’s compliance with animal welfare laws came to light. This raised hopes among animal rights organizations that the whale hunting season would be halted altogether, but after some tightening of regulations, it was allowed to continue.

Iceland, Norway and Japan are the only countries that still actively hunt whales. In recent years, public opinion in Iceland has shifted towards a ban. Most of the country’s whale meat is exported to Japan.

Tet: TT/News Agency
Photo: Benny F. Nielsen/Polfoto through AP/TT

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