"Hard to take a fisherman from the harbor"– meet the fishing family in Läjet

22 October, 2021

In a fishing village in Halland, we follow a family whose life is built around coastal fishing. We get to take part in their everyday lives, their history, and their thoughts and hopes regarding the future – both for themselves and for fishing on the Swedish coasts.

The film is part of Deep Sea Reporter’s collaboration with the documentary film line at the Red Cross Folk High School. The course participants Alice Asplund, Gina Bäck and Sanna Kalla have been responsible for research, interview, photography and editing.

Report: Alice Asplund, Gina Bäck, Sanna Kalla
Music: Thomas Bäcklund Tuneström, The Chickpeas Band, McKennard
Participants: Lovisa Bengtsdotter, Joakim Ingemarsson, Patrik Ingemarsson, Rosanna Ingemarsson, Frans Ingemar Karlsson

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