Fish Friends

31 May, 2024

Erlendur Bogason considers Eyafjör∂ur in northern Iceland to be his backyard. He has dived here for over 25 years and has not just become familiar with the fjord and its inhabitants but has made some surprising fish friends.  The close contact that Erlendur has with Stephanie, the Wolffish and the other residents of this marine protected area is astonishing. It gives us a whole new insight into the complexity of fish behaviour and how they interact.  

Reportage/editing: Helena Fredriksson
Photo: Tobias Dahlin, john Jonsson, Simon Stanford

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Underwater photo: Göran Ehlmé, Johan Candert
Photo: Leif Eiranson, Simon Stanford, Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
Drone: Robert Westerberg
Editor: Alexandre Gobatti Ramos
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