Finnish proponents of fish flour

21 May, 2021

A few large trawlers pull up most of the fish caught in the Baltic Sea. Their catch goes to the feed industry where herring and sprat are ground down to fish flour.

75% of all Baltic Sea fish caught are flour and oil. The fish is landed in Denmark where the large fish flour factories are located. Sweden lacks factories. But in Finland, the Deep Sea Reporter visits one of the most modern facilities around the Baltic Sea. It rejects criticism of the large catches of industrial trawlers.

“We make the Baltic Sea healthier and make sure that people get good, healthy food,” says production manager Roger Hakalax.

Hakalax talks in the report about the fact that fishing reduces phosphorus and nitrogen levels in the Baltic Sea. In Baltic Eye’s article, the Baltic Sea Centre’s Henrik Hamrén examines the subject.

Report: Peter Löfgren
Photo: Erik Saanila
E-dna har använts för att bland annat spåra coronavirusets spridning i våra avloppsvatten – nu testar forskare metoden på gäddor…
Reportage: Fanny Jönsson
Undervattensfoto: Tobias Dahlin
Foto: Simon Stanford
Klippning: Daniel Hedström
Klippbilder från gäddräknare: Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitets (SLU)

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