The universe of fishes

10 May, 2021

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The universe of fishes – premiere on SVT Play 16/5.

Millions of Swedish recreational fishermen want to save endangered species by releasing caught fish, so-called catch-and-release. But what happens to all those fish that are hooked, photographed and released back? The issue of whether fish feel pain is a controversial topic, not least among anglers. In Fishes’ Universe, prominent international scientists convey the latest findings. Uppsala Professor of Physiology, Svante Winberg, states:

– People in general don’t think about the fact that we and fish are so similar. They have a brain that works just like ours.

In Fishes’ universe, existential questions are asked that concern all living things. Why do we humans regard the ocean depths as a different, alien world? How have we been able to get the right to turn the oceans into landfills? Why are animals in the sea treated worse than animals on land?

Today’s large-scale fishing is an expression of how we view life beneath the surface. Ninety percent of the earth’s fish stocks are at risk of depletion. In Fishes’ Universe, an authority in the world’s fisheries research, the German biologist Rainer Froese, is interviewed. His verdict on the European maritime policy is harsh:

“We have entrusted our politicians with the management of our common sea. They have completely failed. But there is still a chance to set everything right.

Here you can watch the film.

Photo: Vetenskapsredaktionen SVT

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