The battle for the Baltic Sea – stickleback vs. pike

11 March, 2020

There has been a dramatic increase in sticklebacks in the Baltic Sea in recent years. A stickleback explosion that worries scientists. Increased eutrophication effects and threatened recovery of perch and pike follow in the small fish’s wake, says marine ecologist Ulf Bergström.

Report: Martin Widman
Photo: Leif Eiranson, Johan Candert, Ulf Bergström, Robert Westerberg
Header image: Magnus Martinsson/TT

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The Baltic coast has undergone a regime change, write researchers at Stockholm University in a new study. The inland sea, where pike and perch dominate the coasts, is on its way out. Now it’s the little big stickleback that slowly but surely seems to be gaining the upper hand…
Text: Martin Widman
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