Seals should be scared from lake

09 January, 2022

Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) will try to scare away a seal that has been in Mörrumsån in Blekinge since the end of October, reports P4 Blekinge.

“We have acquired a new smart seal scarecrow that is very difficult in Finland,” Sven-Gunnar Lunneryd, who leads the project, told the radio.

The sound that is supposed to scare away the seal is only heard under the surface of the water and is not perceived by salmon and other fish.

The seal now feeds on white fish, but if it remains until spring when the salmon start migrating, it can cause great harm in Mörrumsån, which is a wild salmon water, partly because it can stop rising fish, according to Tony Forsberg, head of the kronolax fishery.

According to the experts, it is unique that a seal gets as high up the river as this seal did.

“It’s a brave seal that has realized that ‘there’s lots of food here,’” Forsberg previously told the radio.

Text: TT
Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/TT

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