My father’s fish farm

11 August, 2022

For me, the sea has meant beautiful beaches back home in Brazil or a cold swim in Stockholm. Not much more. But my work for Deep Sea has given me a new perspective on the oceans.

I started as an intern, hoping to learn a lot about filmmaking. But my work has given me so much more: one day I’m in the editing room with images from the Norwegian Sea or the Galapagos Islands, the next day I’m filming seals, birds, fish and people – all related to the sea. I’ve learned a lot from established scientists, who have also changed my worldview: the Amazon is not the lungs of the world – it’s the ocean!

This spring I took a few weeks off and went home to Brazil for the first time in years.

I thought then that I would have a holiday from life below the surface as well. But – when I got home to my dad, I got a surprise: he had built a fish farm! Independently of each other, we have acquired a common interest: fish.

I was impressed by how knowledgeable my father was on the subject. And wanted to document his home-grown cultivation. I didn’t have access to Deep Sea’s professional cameras – my phone had to do.

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