The UK's Blue Marine Foundation, a marine charity, is taking the UK to court for allowing overfishing in British waters. And above all, that it...
Text: Lena Scherman
We asked Tero Härkönen, who has researched seals since the 1970s, three questions. Is it the seal's fault that the fish disappear? Is the seal doing something...
reportage: Lena Scherman
Redigering/foto: Alexandre Gobatti
Many want to blame the seal and the cormorant when the fish disappear, but porpoises also eat fish. So how come we have license hunting...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Editing: Alexandre Gobatti
Photo: Kimmo Hagman, Johan Candert, Leif Eiransson, Simon Stanford, Anders Kronborg, Lunds Universitet
In a report from 2020, published by BalticSea2020, the authors believe that large-scale fishing in the Baltic Sea is neither economically nor financially profitable for...
Reportage: Peter Löfgren
Editing: Helena Fredriksson
Photo: Leif Eiranson
New research has mapped the universe of fish, how they experience the world, that they have personalities. These new discoveries can affect how we look...
Director: Johan Candert | Peter Löfgren
There is a place on earth where all creatures live their lives in balance with their surroundings. We dive into a functioning ecosystem, from the smallest...
Directors: Lena Scherman | Peter Löfgren
In Brussels there are at least 30,000 lobbyists to influence the political decisions. Many of them work for the fishing industry, to ensure that the...
Reportage: Peter Löfgren
Editing: Helena Fredriksson
Photo: Leif Eiranson
All citizens want fish-rich, healthy seas. The EU is governed democratically. So why are the EU's seas fished out and on the brink of ecological...
Director: Peter Löfgren
Editor: Helena Fredriksson
Cinematographer: Leif Eiransson
EU fisheries ministers exclude the public. The countries' mutual positions are kept secret. We citizens are not allowed to influence the decisions that are decisive...
Reportage: Peter Löfgren
Editing: Helena Fredriksson
Photo: Leif Eiranson
Archive: European Union
The EU fisheries ministers have in a compromise agreed on this years herring fishing in the Baltic Sea next year. As usual, we can continue...
Reportage: Lena Scherman
Animation: Natalia Quintana
The fish are running out, the herring and the baltic herring are threatened and the cod is almost completely gone. When there is a competition...
Reportage: Daniel Hager/Lena Scherman/Alexandre Gobatti
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